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WEDGiTS are fun and challenging, multi-dimensional building sets that can be nested, stacked, linked and wedged together to create hundreds of designs.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Making Mini WEDGiTS Designs

Here at ImagAbility, we often hear from customers (THAT MEANS YOU!) about how versatile WEDGiTS Building Blocks are as they "grow" with the child, adult, builder, designer or anyone handling WEDGiTS for that matter! If you began playing with standard WEDGiTS and would like more of a challenge, we are proud to introduce mini WEDGiTS! The mini WEDGiTS blocks are 40% smaller than standard WEDGiTS but 100% compatible.

Each mini WEDGiTS Character Set includes unique bonus parts:

Along with each character set comes a mini WEDGiTS Design Guide Poster. We cannot WAIT to see the amazing new designs you come up with! E-mail your favorite WEDGiTS design to us at: mywedgits@wedgits.com and we will post them on the www.WEDGiTS.com website!

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