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WEDGiTS are fun and challenging, multi-dimensional building sets that can be nested, stacked, linked and wedged together to create hundreds of designs.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Reinventing the Wheel...with WEDGiTS!

For those of you whole love to play with WEDGiTS and want to take building to another level, try WEDGiTS On Wheels (WOW)! Each WOW set includes 52 translucent base blocks including the two-part hub assemblies, 4 eXPANsion framing parts and sporty, 6.5” wheels.
There are instructions inside the box to show different wheeled vehicles but here is a quick clip on how to get started. You will need the follow blocks to begin:

That is the first step in building some awesome rolling WEDGiTS designs! Here is one of our favorites:

Do you prefer primary colors over translucent? You can add the WEDGiTS eXPANsion Set and the Spares Set to your existing set of primary-colored WEDGiTS blocks to make your own unique rolling vehicles!

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